Modification & Relocation

Florida Custody and Visitation Modification Case

Seeking or Challenging Modifications for Tampa Bay Area Clients

When there has been a substantial change in circumstances, a family court judge will consider petitions to alter the original custody, visitation, /Firm-Overview/>Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, strongly asserts your interests to ensure that you are treated fairly in the process.

Mary L. Greenwood represents men and women of the greater Tampa Bay area and Hillsborough County in modification hearings. She has practiced divorce and family law in Florida for more than 20 years, and has the experience to protect your rights. Contact her to discuss your issue.

Modifying Child Support

If the income differential of the two parents has changed by 15 percent or more, or would result in the difference of $50 a month in payments based on state formulas, either party can request a child support modification. Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, represents petitioners seeking an increase or reduction in support, or defends against modification.

Modifications of Custody and Visitation

Courts are moving closer to a 50/50 split of parenting time and parental responsibilities. When the non-custodial parent reaches the threshold of 40 percent (146 nights a year), child support obligations can be reduced because of this "substantial parenting". We represent many fathers striving to reach equal time-sharing, believing that children are best served when both parents are actively involved, but also represent custodial parents when the petition would not serve the child's interests.

We also help parents negotiate mutual agreements to change terms of the parenting agreement in light of a new job schedule, a new family, a child's preference to live with the other parent, or other circumstance.

Parent Relocation

Parents wishing to move across Florida or out of state must comply with new statutory notice requirements, and will likely need the court's permission to take the children with them. The judge's primary considerations in granting or denying a relocation petition are set out in the Florida statutes, and they include:

  • Time actually spent with the child by each parent, other siblings, and other significant personal in the child's life
  • Consistency of child support
  • Any special needs of the child
  • The child's age of maturity and/or preferences
  • The reasons for relocation and whether the child's quality of life will be enhanced by the move

Whether seeking or challenging a move-away, we help clients present the best evidence in support of their case.

Spousal Support

Alimony is not generally increased or decreased, but it can be terminated by the court if the ex-spouse becomes financially independent, remarries, or even cohabitates with a new partner.

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