Brandon, Florida, Family Law Attorneys

Five Areas Where Families May Need Legal Assistance

Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, has been meeting the legal needs of central Floridians for more than 20 years. Over that time, we have represented clients in five broad areas:

1. Divorce Issues · Tampa Divorce Attorneys

2. Other Family Matters · Brandon Area Family Law

We consult on a host of family matters, from fathers' rights to family law for LGBT families. We prepare and file qualified domestic relations orders, taking steps to divide marital pensions and retirement funds while eliminating confusion and delays where possible. We also represent fathers regarding their paternity rights.

3. Estate Planning · Hillsborough County Wills and Trusts

Estate planning is the art of recording wishes, preserving and managing assets, and preparing for end-of-life issues. Brandon Family Law Center helps with wills and trusts, creating guardianships and conservatorships, and conducting probate administration.

Note that we also represent domestic partners in estate and health care planning matters, with an eye toward protecting property rights and custodial rights and making sound health care decisions.

4. Elder Law · Protecting the Interests of Loved Ones

Our elder law practice anticipates and plans for eventualities — long-term care needs, incapacity, qualifying for benefits and creating a financial lifeline to the rest of the family.

5. Adoptions · Bringing New Families Together

Adoptions are an important part of our firm, so much so that coordinator Alyce Morotti concentrates on issues facing adopting parents, intended parents, birth mothers and surrogate mothers throughout Florida and nationwide.

Facing a difficult family legal issue? Contact the Brandon, Florida, family lawyers at Brandon Family Law Center at 813-438-7119, toll free 800-769-0129.