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Same-Sex Marriage

A landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2013 upheld a fundamental right to marry and triggered the federal government to grant rights and benefits to gay and lesbian partners. And in 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples throughout the United States must be afforded the same constitutional right to marry that traditional couples have always enjoyed.

Because of this ruling, same-sex couples in Florida are now legally permitted to marry, and gay marriages from other states or countries are now recognized in Florida.

Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, has always supported equal rights for the LGBT community, particularly in matrimonial and family law. Our lawyers represent gay and lesbian clients in the Tampa Bay area in all aspects of marriage and domestic partnerships.

Same-Sex Marriages And Florida Law

Now Florida law allows same-sex couples:

  • The right to marry
  • The right to adopt children
  • The right to have children through a surrogate
  • Recognition as a parent
  • Automatic standing to inherit a partner's estate
  • Automatic standing to act on behalf of an incapacitated partner
  • Acknowledgement of a marriage or civil union

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