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Second-Parent/LGBT Adoptions

In 1977, the Florida Legislature passed a law forbidding adoption by members of the LGBT community. In 2008, that law was struck down as unconstitutional. Since then, the phenomenon of second-parent adoptions — when an unmarried parent adopts his or her partner's biological or adoptive child — has gathered momentum. Whether gay or straight, second-parent adoption is now a legal option for every unmarried couple in Florida, and married LGBT couples can file stepparent adoptions.

Tampa Adoption Attorneys For LGBT Families

Second-parent adoption offers three significant and closely related benefits:

  • It strengthens the original parent financially and emotionally, because now two people are responsible for the child.
  • It secures new rights for the adopting parent and ensures legal recognition of the family unit.
  • It's in the best interests of the child, who now has the rights, benefits and support of two full-time parents.

Private Adoption Assistance For All Loving Parents

Brandon Family Law Center is committed to adoption as a way of improving the lives of children and to helping all people share in the blessings of family. We strive to keep adoption affordable and available to all families.

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