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November 2013 Archives

Social Security retirement benefits can factor into divorce

Married couples might spend many years together and take practical measures along the way to plan for their retirement. As many people know, life can take twists and turns. After several years of marriage, a couple might come to the conclusion that divorce is the best option. In the process of getting divorced, however, couples will have to take time to sort through their financial affairs.

National patchwork of marriage laws complicates same-sex divorce

Same-sex marriage has been one of the most prominent family law issues during the last several years. A growing number of states are approving unions between gay and lesbian couples, but Florida only recognizes marriage between opposite-sex couples. However, nothing can stop Florida residents from traveling to one of the states where they can legally be married.

Intersex gender designation now available in Germany

The German government just passed a law which went into effect on November 1st, that allows parents to choose a third option for the gender marker on their new baby's birth certificate.  They can choose "indeterminate" as the gender, if the child shows both male and female characteristics.

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