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Florida boy's adoption request receives worldwide attention

Every year, thousands of children and families across the country are united through adoption. For many couples, making the decision to adopt a child is the perfect way to make a family more complete.

When couples consider the possibility of adopting a child, there are several routes they can take, including international adoption, private adoption or foster child adoption. All of these options have benefits, but the process to adopt a child is complex. This is why it's often important to consult with an attorney to ensure that all the proper steps are taken before everything is finalized.

Not long ago, a 15-year-old Florida boy made waves across the globe when he made a public plea to be adopted. The young boy has spent his entire life in foster care, so he would like to find a family.

When he made the decision to speak in front of a church gathering, the boy probably didn't expect the response he received. Nearly 10,000 requests have been made to adopt the teenager. In fact, people from countries as far away as Australia, India and Iran have inquired about adopting him.

The agency handling the boy's case is plans on processing all of the requests. Like other adoption cases, they will have to screen all of the candidates by conducting background checks and interviews.

One thing that the agency noted is that there are many foster children waiting to be adopted, so there are many children in the same situation as this Florida boy. In the end, the hope is that these children will be connected with the families they all deserve.

Source: ABC News, "Florida Orphan's Appeal Prompts 10,000 Inquiries," Christina Ng and Steve Osunami, Oct. 18, 2013

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