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Florida families celebrate, grow on National Adoption Day

For children, finding a loving and stable home is very important. Although many children are raised from infancy to adulthood by the same parent or set of parents, others go on a slightly different journey. Whatever the case, family law seeks to establish the best-possible homes for children.

Many families today are formed and strengthened through adoption. By taking the time to file for adoption and receive approval, custodial rights are solidified, which provides protection to parents and children.

On November 22, people throughout the country celebrated National Adoption Day. In Central Florida, several families marked this day by completing the adoption process in court. Reports indicate that the scene at the Florida courthouse was nothing short of joyful.

The event also highlighted the wide variety of reasons families might consider adoption. In some cases, grandparents adopted their grandchildren and, in other instances, foster children were officially adopted by their foster parents. No matter the situation behind an adoption, parents are seeking to follow the best interests of the children involved.

Adoption Day also serves as a reminder of how many children in Florida are still eligible to be adopted. Some children spend considerable time in foster homes, simply looking for the family that will take them in forever.

Those who are interested in exploring options to help their family grow via adoption may want to speak with a family law attorney to work through the details of the process. Of course, making the decision to adopt isn't something that should be taken lightly, but it truly enriches the lives of so many people.

Source: The Seminole Voice, "Central Florida children find 'forever homes' on Adoption Day," Alloson Olcsvay, Dec. 4, 2013

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