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January 2014 Archives

Social media content could impact child custody proceedings

Many adults have turned to the world of social media to communicate and stay connected with friends. As the use of Facebook, Twitter and similar digital platforms become integrated into daily life, some people might not think too much about the content that they share. However, one man discovered just how impactful a Facebook post written out of frustration can be.

Florida couples file suit to lift same-sex marriage ban

Florida recently joined the growing list of states with an active court case that challenges laws regarding same-sex marriage. In an earlier blog post, we lamented the possibility of legalized same-sex unions in Florida sometime during the next couple years. However, news that six couples have filed claims in Miami court to challenge the 2006 constitutional amendment may be bring the question to the fore sooner than some may have expected.

Stay-at-home parents may approach divorce with unique concerns

Starting a family is a major decision that many married couples address. In order to provide support for a child after he or she is born, one parent might make the decision to remain at home full time. Of course, this is a decision many people are happy to make, yet an individual might be setting aside opportunities for professional advancement.

Pro football player pays child support debt after traffic stop

Raising a child is a big responsibility. At times, single parents may feel overwhelmed by this duty. Even though one of a child's parents might not maintain physical custody, the non-custodial parent can still help take care for a child by maintaining support payments. Regardless of whether or not the two parents are married, a child support order may be put in place by a Florida court to help their child thrive.

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