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Stay-at-home parents may approach divorce with unique concerns

Starting a family is a major decision that many married couples address. In order to provide support for a child after he or she is born, one parent might make the decision to remain at home full time. Of course, this is a decision many people are happy to make, yet an individual might be setting aside opportunities for professional advancement.

After this decision is made, some couple might eventually decide to file for divorce. As a result of this process, they will have to split their marital assets, which typically provide the basis for post-divorce financial stability. Understanding this, how can stay-at-home parents address this situation?

Generally speaking, Florida couples split their marital assets according to the state's equitable division laws. This means that the assets might be split evenly; rather, they should be split in a matter that’s considered fair in respect to each spouse's contributions and financial needs.

Relying on basic property division laws alone might not provide enough security for some individuals. After all, a person who spent many years out of the workforce to take care of children might have serious difficulties returning and earning an adequate salary. This is where the previously mentioned prenuptial or postnuptial agreements can come into play.

Many people might find it difficult to discuss these kinds of agreements right off the bat. However, the reality is that they can ease a lot of the stress associated with money matters. By signing a prenup or postnup, spouses can feel more confident that they will have an adequate amount of financial resources in the event of a divorce. For those who forgo opportunities to earn income, this may be especially appealing.

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