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April 2014 Archives

Before you hire a divorce lawyer, consider the following

For some couples, the healthiest decision they can make is to weather the rough times together. For other couples, it is a far healthier decision to divorce than to remain together. However, because the decision to end a marriage can be an emotionally tumultuous one, it is not always easy to tell whether you and your spouse specifically should remain together or go your separate ways.

Florida appellate court hears case in fight over son's ashes

A panel of appellate judges in the Florida 4th District Court of Appeal heard oral argument Tuesday in a difficult issue. Many Florida residents may have followed the high-profile DUI manslaughter trial of John Goodman, an issue that has not been fully resolved in criminal court. The victim of the 2010 car accident in that case was a 23-year-old Florida man. His parents chose to have the young man cremated, and the former couple (who divorced in 2007) is battling over the man’s cremated remains.

Property division issues in Florida involve more than the home

The decision to file for divorce can be a highly personal and emotional decision. When a marriage has broken down, a person may have questions about how to proceed. Florida residents may have concerns over how the finances will turn out after a divorce is finalized. Assessing all of the assets that may be a part of the marital estate is an important first step in answering that question.

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