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Property division issues in Florida involve more than the home

The decision to file for divorce can be a highly personal and emotional decision. When a marriage has broken down, a person may have questions about how to proceed. Florida residents may have concerns over how the finances will turn out after a divorce is finalized. Assessing all of the assets that may be a part of the marital estate is an important first step in answering that question.

Popular media stories often chronicle how people in a high-profile divorce have divided the marital assets. But, the stories may generally focus more on visible assets, such as fancy cars, boats and real estate. Many people in Florida may have concerns over about how these same kinds of assets may be handled in family court. But, there can be a wide variety of other kinds of assets that can fall into the marital estate, which may not make the headlines.

Complex estates may include the kinds of assets that are attached to an employment compensation package. Retirement accounts are common assets that need to be addressed in divorce proceedings. But, there may be other assets that can be less obvious that a person may need to be looking for.

Companies may provide workers with benefits, or access to programs, that may not be so obvious to a person heading toward divorce. Stock ownership plans, or compensation involving restricted stocks, may be overlooked if a person is working through a divorce.

These types of assets can involve complex legal analysis, including whether the asset has vested, determining its value and its impact on the marital estate. In some situations a divorce lawyer may bring in outside financial experts, such as a forensic accountant, to assist in evaluating a complex marital estate.

Source: Forbes, “Dividing Stock Options And Restricted Stock In Divorce," Jeff Landers, March 19, 2014

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