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When you need reassurance after choosing to divorce

Choosing to end a marriage is ordinarily a heart-wrenching decision. Even if you are quite confident that you have made the healthiest decision for yourself and any kids you may have, the divorce process often understandably inspires self-doubt.

If you do not approach the legal aspects of the process confidently, your attitude may ultimately affect the success of the process and the construction of your divorce settlement. As a result, it is critically important that you seek out any support and reassurances you need in order to allow you to navigate the legal aspects of your divorce process in a focused, purposeful and confident manner.

Though many pieces of unsolicited divorce-related advice are unhelpful, it may benefit you to seek out positive reinforcement concerning the divorce process. Many individuals who have successfully navigated their own divorces have positive reassurances to share.

Recently, The Huffington Post asked some of its divorced readers to share some positive advice with individuals currently facing divorce. Hopefully some of the readers’ reassurances will inspire you to seek out others as you refine your own approach to divorce.

Among the reassurances and advice given by readers include the positive effects of consciously loving yourself during the process, the benefits of believing in your own approach to your split and understanding that a brighter future awaits you if you work at seeking it out.

Please take some time to seek out the support and reassurances that your unique situation requires. Your divorce process is truly yours to define and own. Making it as healthy and positive as possible will almost certainly benefit you both now and in the future.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Getting Divorced 'Doesn't Mean You Failed' And Other Things You Need To Hear Post-Split,” April 14, 2014

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