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November 2014 Archives

What is the state of same-sex marriage in Florida?

Back on July 17 and July 25, two circuit court judges in Florida announced rulings that were supposed to change the course of marriage law in our state for years to come. The rulings, as many of our Tampa readers probably remember, struck down the 2008 ban on same-sex marriage in the state. This was supposed to pave the way for lawful same-sex unions in the state as well as recognize marriage ceremonies that had been performed in other states and in Canada.

The 3rd District Court decision that changed adoption in Florida

In 1977, a ban was passed in Florida that prohibited homosexuals from adopting children. At the time, the ban was considered completely legal. But times changed and in now many saw this as a violation of a person's constitutional rights. One of those people was a man by the name of Martin Gill who, in 2008, petitioned the courts to allow him to adopt the two boys who he had been fostering with his partner since 2004.

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