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Is achieving a blended family easy or difficult?

What do you think of when you hear the term blended family? If you're like a lot of our Florida readers, you probably think of a divorce and a remarriage -- perhaps children from the other marriage becoming step siblings -- all working together to create a new family unit. But is this process easy or difficult to achieve? It's a question we wanted to look at in this week's blog post.

Although some people may smoothly transition into their new blended family, it's worth pointing out that this isn't always the case for everyone. Children may have a particularly difficult time adjusting to the new family dynamic, oftentimes resisting the authority of their new step parent. Even spouses can have difficulty transitioning into the new blended family, especially if they have concerns about disciplining their new spouse's children or vice versa.

Let's not forget about the concerns of the ex-spouse either. They may not agree with their ex-spouse's choice in spouse and may have concerns about discipline and living arrangements as well. This may lead to family law disputes that may even require the help of a lawyer.

So is achieving a blended family easy or difficult? It depends on your situation. If all participants are open to the idea of creating a new family and are willing to work together to make it a successful union, then it may be easy to achieve a blended family. But if even one participant is unwilling to work together or accept the change, then contentions can arise, making things far more difficult than you may have planned.

Source: The Christian Post, "Rethinking the 'Blended' Family," Jennifer Thieme Johnson, Dec. 12, 2014

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