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March 2015 Archives

Out-of-state case shows importance of opening adoption records

Imagine that you were adopted when you were younger. Now an adult, you have decided to start a family of your own. During discussions with your doctor though, the topic of your medical history comes up. Unfortunately, because your adoption was a closed one, you are relatively unaware of this history. You make a request with the courts. Your request is denied though because your birth parents were from another state where the laws regarding closed adoptions work a little differently.

Florida divorce questions right to alimony after an annulment

There is a certain level of privacy that is to be expected when it comes to divorce, which is why when it comes to other people's marital troubles, there are a lot of people here in Florida who would rather not know what's going on. There are times though when you may want to read about someone else's divorce, especially when a question is raised that might apply to your situation.

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