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Out-of-state case shows importance of opening adoption records

Imagine that you were adopted when you were younger. Now an adult, you have decided to start a family of your own. During discussions with your doctor though, the topic of your medical history comes up. Unfortunately, because your adoption was a closed one, you are relatively unaware of this history. You make a request with the courts. Your request is denied though because your birth parents were from another state where the laws regarding closed adoptions work a little differently.

If you think this situation sounds frustrating, consider for a moment the fact that this can and does happen on occasion in states across the nation. Just recently, a story out of Ohio highlighted this very issue. The case is significant for our Florida readers because it shows when opening an adoption record may be a good idea, especially if it means giving adopted people access to their medical history.

It's worth pointing out that not all states are as restrictive about the information that can and cannot be included in a closed adoption. Here in Florida, our adoption disclosure laws require the completion of a family social and medical history form, which is then given to the prospective adoptive parents. When an adoptee comes of age, they can then access this information.

In situations where our state adoption laws are in conflict with the laws of other states, a skilled lawyer may be necessary. At Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, our staff has the knowledge necessary to address your adoption questions and will work with you to resolve even the most complex of legal issues.

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