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Are embryo adoptions legal in Florida?

From natural birth to adoption, there are lots of ways for families to grow here in the United States. Thanks to advancements in science, in vitro fertilization is now another option. Unfortunately, for as much joy as it can bring families across the nation, even here in Florida, it can also present immense legal and ethical challenges, which is something we wanted to look at by asking today's question:

Are embryo adoptions legal in Florida? Let's take a look.

As was pointed out last month in a New York Times article, the number of frozen embryos created in the in vitro process has risen significantly since 2002. In a survey conducted that year, it was estimated that there were about 400,000 frozen embryos in the United States. Recent estimates peg that number at close to a million today. This abundance of embryos presents an ethical and perhaps moral question: what do you do with them all?

Many believe that allowing embryo adoption is the answer. For those of our Tampa readers who don't know, it's an option here in Florida. Our lawmakers have addressed embryo adoption as well as parental rights in a number of statutes, which can be viewed on Embryo Donation International's website. These statutes are not intuitive though, containing complex legalese to match the equally complex situation at hand.

While embryo adoption is legal here in Florida, it's important to remember that like any legal process, moving forward with an embryo adoption must also be done in accordance with the law. This means going through the appropriate channels and signing the right documents. These aspects of the adoption process may not be well known by a majority of people, which is why seeking the legal services of an experienced family law attorney is considered a good idea for anyone considering embryo adoption.

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