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Same-sex adoptions in Florida

Just like heterosexual couples, a large number of same-sex couples in Florida and around the country choose to adopt every year. Nationwide, same-sex adoptions are becoming much more frequent as couples want to expand their families.

According to researchers, between 6 and 14 million children live in homes with at least one gay parent. According to census data, there were slightly less than 95,000 same-sex households with minor children in 2010. Around 2 million LGBT people in the U.S. are interested in adopting children, and LGBT people in the U.S. are already raising 4 percent of the nation's adopted children. In Florida, same-sex couples are able to petition to adopt children jointly.

There are an estimated 594,000 same-sex couples in the country, and 115,000 of them have children. Among them, 72.8 percent have children that are their biological offspring, 21.2 percent have children who are adopted or stepchildren only in the household and 6 percent have some combination. The trend for same-sex couples to adopt children has been increasing, and is likely to continue doing so.

Having children is a goal for a majority of heterosexual and same-sex couples alike. Fortunately, same-sex couples are becoming less stigmatized, making it easier for them to adopt. In some cases, one partner will have a biological child that their partner wishes to adopt. The adoptive parent and their same-sex spouse can petition the court to allow the non-biological parent to adopt the child. This can then give the adoptive parent all of the fundamental rights of a parent, including the ability to seek custody and visitation rights with the child if the relationship later ends. As the process can sometimes be confusing, the assistance of a family law attorney can often be advisable.

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