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Why you should avoid making angry social media posts

Sometimes it can be difficult to go through a divorce or child custody battle. The emotional battles that may be waged often have nothing to do with anything the child. Nevertheless, when parents become frustrated in the midst of a child custody battle in Florida, it is not uncommon them to express themselves through social media. After all, with how we use social media to vent about other issues in our lives, it is not surprising that parents may rant about how the other parent is evil for making false allegations against them in order to get the upper hand in a proceeding.

However, not all social media rants are the same. Depending on the age of the child, disparaging remarks, posts and even videos can be particularly damaging. Not only may they not endear you to the other parent, the court may find them especially troubling. With that, this post will focus on a few of the many reasons why parents should think twice before hitting “send” on emotional posts. 

You can’t take back what you say – If you have heard the saying “you can’t un-ring a bell after you ring it” the same thing essentially applies to social media posts after you hit send. Even if you try to remove a tweet or delete a post, it is still permanent record, so it can still be discovered and potentially used against you.

You never know who you will affect – In the heat of the moment, you may not think about who may be affected by a disparaging post. Besides children who may be embarrassed, there may be other people whose opinions may change after such a post. In a custody dispute, it is not helpful to have influential people believe that you are irresponsible.

If you have questions about what you should or should not post, an experienced family law attorney can help.  

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