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Paternity action filed against Fetty Wap

Floridians may be interested in learning that hip hop star Fetty Wap may have to submit to paternity testing and be ordered to pay child support. Former reality star Masika Kalysha of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" fame has filed a motion for paternity testing and child support.

Ms. Kalysha is reportedly due to have her baby within the next few months. Fetty Wap initially denied that he was the father and then intimated that if he is, Ms. Kalysha would have planned to purposefully get pregnant. He also originally said the two only had a one-night stand.

Fetty Wap did later apologize to Ms. Kalysha via Twitter. She filed her motions to settle the issue of who her baby's father is and to get child support. She is asking for $2,000 for clothing, $820 for housekeeping services and $4,500 in rent each month. She is also asking that the court grants her full custody of her baby. Fetty Wap has not yet filed his response to her motion.

Paternity actions may be filed by either the mother of a child or a potential father. If a man is not married to a woman when a child is born, he is not automatically presumed to be the father. In order to get his custodial rights, a man can file a motion for paternity testing. A woman may want to have the assistance of an attorney in filing a paternity action so that it can be established that a man is the father if he refuses to acknowledge that he is. This can help them the mother seek and recover child support payments from the man.

Source: Hot New Hip Hop, "Fetty Wap hit with paternity test & possible child support," Carver Low, Feb. 24, 2016

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