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Why birth mothers should utilize an attorney for their adoption

It isn't uncommon for birth mothers to feel anxious and uncertain about deciding which path to take regarding the adoption of their child.

Should they use an adoption agency? What about an attorney? Different options can prove overwhelming, adding to an already bittersweet situation.

The following benefits may provide food-for-thought for birth mothers uncertain about which avenue to select.

Knowledge of the legalities involved

When a lawyer knowledgeable with the basics of family law and the adoption procedures-both interstate and international-birth mothers can be assured that all laws and legal procedures are understood and followed.

Social work and professional support

Lawyers also typically work with a plethora of professionals to assist and support the birth mother through the transition. Birth mothers are often provided with an extensive database of counselors and prenatal specialists to help them with the care and support during the process.

Family adoptions

In many cases, birth mothers wish to place their child with a family member, such as a grandparent or sister. In these situations, particularly when out-of-state adoptions are involved, the use of a legal facilitator or attorney is needed due to the complex nature of the laws, procedures and circumstances involved.

Birth mothers interested in learning more about the benefits to using an attorney with the adoptive process are encouraged to reach out to a qualified legal professional with a thorough knowledge of this area of law. A lawyer can help answer questions as they pertain to individual circumstances and concerns.

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