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Parenting after a divorce

Going through a divorce in Florida may signify freedom in terms of spousal commitments, but when children are involved, the relationship with one's ex-spouse may be a lifelong concern. It can be difficult for children to face conflict between their parents as they celebrate their birthdays and other special occasions, but parents may be able to help their children if they can get past their own interpersonal difficulties. The type of co-parenting relationship two divorced parties cultivate can have a huge impact on the emotional health of their children.

Although the issues leading to divorce can be frustrating, the action can be handled in a friendly manner. Mediation could be helpful for those who find that it is difficult to avoid bickering while discussing the important matters related to divorce and parenting matters. Hostility and infrequent contact might seem to soothe the hurt feelings of a parent, but the most stable situation for a child involves consistent and positive communication between both parties. It is helpful to consider the type of emotional foundation desired for the couple's child. This allows parents to evaluate how they can cooperate to provide that foundation.

There may be situations in which family law issues remain strained and difficult as parents move forward with divorce. In a case involving the alleged abuse or neglect of one's child, for example, it might be necessary to take a strong stand related to visitation and child custody arrangements.

If a parent intends to demonstrate that the other party has been neglectful or abusive, documentation could play an important role in the matter. For example, reports by authorities might be introduced as evidence to substantiate that domestic abuse calls have been made. Allegations of drug use might require that both parties submit to testing by an impartial party. A lawyer might help in advancing these concerns in court.

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