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Surrogacy attorneys help LGBT couples

Although the momentous ruling issued by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2015 allowed for the national recognition of same-sex marriage for couples in Florida and all other states, the rights of same-sex partners continue to be unclear. One right that has a significant impact on how the family is viewed is the right of same-sex partners to be recognized as the parent when the traditional roles of mother and father are not present. Same-sex partners may need to rely on sperm and egg donation and surrogacy to a greater degree than opposite-sex couples, which can create some complex hurdles. It is also very important for many same-sex couples to have equal standing toward children born prior to their relationship.

Many same-sex partners dream of expanding their family through surrogacy. For many couples, a family is not complete without the addition of children. Our firm assists gay and lesbian couples to accomplish these dreams. We are dedicated to helping you establish your parental rights through surrogacy. Despite the recent change in law, surrogacy issues continue to be a relatively new complexity of family law, so it is important that you retain the services of a lawyer experienced in these areas.

When dealing with a surrogate, it is critical to have the proper agreement and provisions in place before beginning the transaction. You do not want to have to lose your child because of a loophole in a contract. A lawyer experienced in surrogacy law can ensure that the contract expresses the intentions of all parties involved and establishes equal parental standing for both parents.

Couples who would like to learn about their options through surrogacy do not have to go through this complex process alone. If you would like more information about surrogacy options for same-sex partners, please see our page on the subject.

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