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Understanding divorce settlement agreements

Divorcing spouses in Florida can sometimes reach an agreement about issues like child custody and property division outside of court. Whether they reach an agreement before or after filing for divorce, they will both have to sign a divorce settlement agreement to make it official. This legal document will be very important and should be fully understood before it is signed.

A divorce settlement agreement is especially important for ex-spouses who will remain connected in some way after a divorce. Ex-couples that have children together or share assets like real estate or a business will have to work together in some ways after the divorce. Although some ex-couples stay on good terms with each other, it is always important to follow the divorce settlement agreement to the letter.

People who have maintained an amicable relationship with their ex-spouses might want to do a favor for them that is not required of them in the divorce settlement agreement. If this voluntary good will continues, the ex-spouse may think that a new precedent has been set. In reality, the divorce settlement agreement does not change because one partyhas decided to be nice.

Following the terms of the divorce settlement agreement can help a person to prevent future disputes with their ex-spouse over family legal issues. It is important to remember that, if a dispute arises over something that is covered in the agreement and it ends up in court, the judge will in most cases follow the terms of the contract. This is why it is advisable for each party to have their own family law attorney review the document before it is signed.

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