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August 2016 Archives

4 ways state laws vary when it comes to military divorce

If you and/or your spouse are in the military, chances are you have moved around quite a bit. Unlike most other occupations, serving in the military often requires people to relocate in different state - and the world - based on where they are needed. And it's not just the military members moving; their families generally pack up and go along as well.

What is a Confirming Adoption and Why Would We Need to File One?

Throughout my career I have encountered several situations like this: Woman gets pregnant and then she marries - not the father of the child. And thanks to SCOTUS, now she may be getting married not to a father, but to another mother. Anyway..there is a temptation to place the new spouse's name on the birth certificate, even though she knows he/she is not biologically the other parent. Is that legal? Yes. A spouse of a woman who gives birth is considered a legal parent in Florida. Parentage is presumed (pay attention to that word, its significance will come up again shortly) based upon the marriage. We lawyers call this the "marital presumption" law.

Negotiating a child support agreement outside of court

Divorcing parents in Florida can sometimes work out child support agreements outside of court. Whether it is done through informal negotiations or alternative dispute resolution, making an agreement about child support payments outside of the family court system can be quicker and less adversarial than relying on a judge to make these decisions.

More women are seeking prenuptial agreements

Florida couples who are considering marriage may be interested to learn that more women than men are demanding prenuptial agreements before tying the knot, according to some legal observers. Traditionally, men have been more likely to ask for a prenuptial agreement in order to protect the property and finances that they had amassed prior to the marriage.

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