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Decision made in Madonna child custody case

Florida residents may have tracked the child custody case involving 58-year-old singer Madonna, 47-year-old director of "Sherlock Holmes" Guy Ritchie, and their 16-year-old son. According to sources, the case has finally come to an end.

After the high-profile couple divorced in 2008, they had originally settled that their teenage son would live with Madonna. However, after the 16-year-old traveled to London, UK, to visit his father in December 2015, reports say that he ignored a court order to fly back to his mother's home in New York. Since then, the former couple has been embroiled in a custody dispute. In March, a New York court and a London court both separately urged the parents to work out an amicable solution for the benefit of their child.

On Sept. 7, a spokesperson for the New York State court system announced that the child custody case had been officially and privately settled. The spokesperson did not announce which parent the 16-year-old would live with. Attorneys for both Madonna and Ritchie also declined to provide further details of the case.

A parent who would like to talk to a professional about a child custody issue may choose to contact a family law attorney. A lawyer may discuss the particular aspects of a child custody dispute as well as offer information about the various options that may be available to the parent. Depending on the factors surrounding the matter, a dispute regarding visitation rights, child support, or custody could be solved outside the court, or a judge may need to make a formal decision if an amicable agreement is not possible between both of the parents.

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