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Learn different valuation methods

Florida couples going through a divorce may not agree on important matters. One area that is commonly contested is the value of certain assets, especially when a business is involved. This calculation is important because it factors into the split of property that each party will receive.

One integral part of a divorce is the division of assets. Typically in a divorce case the couple will list all of their assets and assign an approximate value for each one. The parties may try to divide the assets so that each spouse has an even amount. However, when the parties do not agree on the value of certain assets, this can cause issues with determining a fair division.

To aid in the process, a formal or informal evaluation may be conducted. An evaluation analyst can discuss the types of evaluations that he or she performs and specifically whether a full valuation or calculation of value is necessary. A full evaluation takes multiple factors into consideration and provides a more reliable result. This type of evaluation is often relied upon by a third party such as a judge or arbitrator. While more reliable, this type of evaluation is often more time-consuming and expensive. In cases in which an informal evaluation is possible, a calculation may be completed instead of a full valuation. Such a valuation is more limited in scope but is often all that is necessary when the parties are mostly in agreement regarding the value of the asset and simply need a third party to confirm it.

Property division is often a contentious issue when a couple is ending a marriage. In some cases their respective family law attorneys can assist in negotiating a settlement rather than having a judge decide.

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