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Walk down the aisle with a smile: Make sure you have a pre-nuptial agreement.

You've done it! You've found the one. And you are excited to begin your new life together. Both of you have kids from previous marriages, and they get along great. You're both financially solvent and you never plan on going through a divorce again. So why bother with a pre-nup?

There's an old adage: Never say never. Simply put: If you have assets and you have children from a previous marriage, it just makes good sense to have a pre-nuptial agreement.

But isn't all my money mine?

Technically, yes. The property you bring to the marriage--including real estate, stocks, bank accounts, etc. is considered non-marital. But inevitably, you will end up adding some money to these items with money that is part of the marital estate. Once funds are co-mingled, ownership becomes murky.

And in the event that you do get a divorce, you can bet that your spouse's attorney will argue that all property is marital property. While ultimately you may be able to prove that is not true, you are going to spend an awful lot of money doing so.

And the kids...

The money you have is your children's inheritance. You already had one division of property and a second one can cost many thousands of dollars-money that could go to your kids. While you may love your new step-children, legally they are provided for by your new spouse. It makes sense to ensure that your children are cared for as well.

Some people think pre-nuptial agreements are just for the wealthy. In truth, they are for anyone who wants to protect their assets. Knowing that you are prepared for any eventuality can make tying the knot a less stressful, more joyful event. Plan now and you can face your future with ease and excitement, knowing everyone in your new family is protected.

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