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Problems with child custody or visitation violations

After going through a divorce, a Florida family might find that the prior marital stresses continue in the form of parenting disputes. The court may approve a parenting plan that includes specific terms for visitation and custody, but parents at times violate these terms through purposeful or unintentional actions. A lack of communication can create misunderstandings about the reasons behind violations, which can cause both parents and children to experience even greater stress.

One of the most common areas of difficulty involves poor observance of court-ordered parenting time. Failure to adhere to scheduled times for picking up or dropping off could be a matter of inconvenience, but consistent problems might warrant legal action if communicating personally does not resolve the issue. A lawyer might communicate with the other party's lawyer and emphasize the serious nature of the situation. However, a non-custodial parent should not withhold child support to prompt improved adherence to visitation schedules. Failure to pay child support is a separate issue that could cause the non-paying parent to lose rights.

Abduction is one of the most extreme areas of interference in custody or visitation, and a parent's refusal to return children could be met with charges of kidnapping. Such suspicions might be cause to discuss concerns with a lawyer. If an international abduction is a possibility, it might be necessary to take steps to monitor any passport activity involving the child.

Preventive measures might be taken during the divorce process to ensure that transitions related to visitation can be dealt with effectively. For example, terms might be included to provide for limited waits before considering a visit to be cancelled. This could simplify a situation for a parent who might otherwise have to wait indefinitely for the other party to pick up a child for scheduled parenting time.

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