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Sharing parenting duties following a divorce

For many Florida families, breaking up a marriage that involves children can be very difficult. When the divorce is first finalized, many parents try to work together to share parenting time and be equally involved in the child's life. As time goes on, however, the status quo may change as parents move for new relationships or jobs.

As the distance grows between where parents live, sharing equal parenting time with the kids can become increasingly difficult. The former spouse who did not move may begin to refuse to drive and drop the children off as it was not their decision to move. A parent's new significant other may be less involved with the children or not get along with the former spouse.

If one parent remains in the same location, they may want their children's activities to remain in the same area. This means that the parent who moved might not see their children as much. In addition, the parent who moved may eventually grow weary of the long commute necessary to visit their children.

As the kids get older, having a solid parenting plan could be essential for everyone involved. The plan can help both parents develop and keep strong relationships with their children, even as parents move for work or new relationships later in life. If the situation changes, a family law attorney may assist with updating the parenting plan as the kids get older and school and activities schedules change. Adjustments made to the plan may include how much time each parent gets to spend with their children, whether both parents are allowed at sporting events and who can be around the kids.

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