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New opportunities and challenges for same-sex couples

If you are a Florida resident in a same-sex relationship, you can access legal protections for your family and assets since the recognition of same-sex marriage by the Supreme Court of the United States. The legality of same-sex marriage opens up the ability to plan an estate transfer, create prenuptial agreements or advance parental rights. Prejudices remain throughout society, however, and institutional barriers could arise when adopting a child or trying to manage the medical care of an ailing partner.

The application to newly-gained marriage equality rights to existing family law statutes has yet to be established. Your desire to adopt your partner's child or become a parent through a surrogate will still require navigating a legal bureaucracy unaccustomed to same-sex families. If an adoption agency or family court pushes back against your requests, then the support of an attorney might be needed to express your right to be recognized as a legal family.

Obstruction could also occur from health care providers reluctant to accept your family relationships. Careful preparation of documents that meet the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act could grant you access to a family member's medical records in a time of crisis or incapacity.

At our firm, we have developed an understanding of LGBT family law and have the resources to develop strategies to promote your goals. Our counseling could help you evaluate important financial matters prior to entering a marriage or improve your chance of gaining approval from an adoption agency. We could research how to maintain your access to children in the event of a divorce or prepare documents that could enable you to manage the financial affairs of an aging partner. You can view additional information concerning family law for same-sex partners at our website.

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