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When child custody exchanges become a challenge in Florida

Although divorced couples may agree on child custody terms, emotions can still cause conflict regarding visitation rights. One factor that commonly leads to negative emotions is the lack of consistent financial support. Split custody time can also bring up unfavorable reactions when both parents have different opinions about child development as it relates to education and other values. Such animosities can come to a head when the actual custody exchange, or swap, takes place.

Some divorces have become so heated that tragedies have occurred during the child exchange. Such was the case of a 49-year-old who was killed by his former spouse's new partner while meeting for a custody swap. One man even resorted to having his friend shoot him in an effort to gain custody of his child. However, the plan backfired and the father died. Another man lost custodial rights when he inserted a knife inside his daughter's school bag to make it seem as though the child mother's was negligent.

Unfortunately, legal authorities are not always aware of every case that involves these types of incidents. Therefore, some children are exposed to outbursts of parental anger and choices that threaten their well being. Additionally, the court may not be informed in a timely manner. Although some parents have good intentions in doing whatever it takes to gain custody of their children, they end up creating havoc and forfeiting their rights because of a lack of self-control.

When child custody exchange battles escalate to a point of danger, a lawyer may be able to offer assistance with an agreement modification. Instead of waiting until a dangerous situation occurs, an attorney could help resolve a child custody dispute. Visitation rights are important as most parents should maintain a relationship with children.

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