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How long can late child support be collected?

Florida residents who are divorced and receiving child support might find themselves in a situation where some payments are late and their child is about to turn 18. While in most cases child support orders are terminated by the courts once the child attains majority, there might still be a question about the back-owed support.

Late payments of child support are one of the family law issues that can affect how a family continues with their lives after a divorce. Generally, families should still be able to collect back-owed child support, even after the child turns 18, since the obligation of the paying parent is not automatically removed once the child reaches that age. In most cases, the child support payments must continue until the full amount owed is paid. In some instances, custodial parents might need to go back to court to reopen the order when there are amounts in arrears but the statute of limitations has expired.

Another thing to keep in mind is that both state and federal governments are very serious about enforcing child support orders. In fact, passports and licenses might be withheld or revoked for parents who are delinquent in paying their support. If the situation is serious enough, parents who neglect their support obligations might have their wages garnished and even be arrested and serve jail time.

Dealing with a non-custodial parent who is not meeting this obligation can be frustrating and emotional. In such a situation, the custodial parent might want to have legal support in pursuing available enforcement remedies.

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