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How to best make your case for custody

When it comes to negotiating custody, there are certain things Florida parents can do to present their best case for custody. While the outcome cannot be predicted, it is best to keep in mind that courts will always have the child's best interest at the center of their decisions.

The most important thing to remember is to not focus the negotiations on the parents. For example, bringing up how terrible a spouse was during the marriage and using that as an explanation for why that spouse would be a bad parent can actually backfire and lead the courts to consider the accusing parent of being bitter and reluctant to work with the ex-spouse, which in turn may even result in the other parent being granted custody. On the other hand, presenting themselves as the parent the children need might also be looked at negatively by the court, since in most cases courts feel that both parents are necessary for the child's growth. If the children do want to speak in court, then the state's regulations about this must be followed.

A parent seeking custody might also make themselves knowledgeable about family law issues and state legislations. This will help in the organizing of the case and compiling evidence. It is important for parents to remember that while divorce and child custody are very emotional processes, they should not base their decisions on their emotions as these could lead to making decisions that might harm instead of support the case.

Finally, for parents who are negotiating custody, it might be beneficial to seek the guidance of a family law lawyer who might help them formulate a plan and advise on the evidence necessary to seek custody. A lawyer might also help advise about the many decisions that need to be made during the process.

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