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You might not be able to choose who adopts your baby. Here’s why.


If you are pregnant, the stress of finding the right, loving home for your baby is an understatement. Perhaps you have spent hours seeking out the right parents. Or, maybe you have already chosen a relative or family member to adopt your baby.

However, it’s important to understand that the adoption process is strict; adoption agencies and others assisting with the process must ensure that a baby or child is placed in the right environment.

You may come across a few hurdles that could prevent your baby from being placed with the relative or family member you’ve selected.

Here are a few to be aware of.


Criminal offenses

Background checks and home studies are always conducted on prospective parents. Information on a criminal record could show a previous arrest or offense committed by the prospective parent that could bar him or her from adopting your child.

Even if the criminal indiscretion was committed years ago, it could still have an impact on the adoption.

Questionable moral character

Along with criminal background checks, an individual’s moral character is also evaluated. Those conducting the background investigation are likely to look into any letters of reference or speak directly to contacts provided by the prospective parent to determine a bit more about his or her moral character and whether the child will fit into his or her environment.

There could be findings that may give the adoption agency cause for concern.

Poor health

The above two reasons could be seen as obvious, but underlying health problems of a prospective parent—something not as apparent—are just as important.

If a prospective parent suffers from a health condition that could jeopardize the care and safety of the child, the adoption could be denied.

Pointing to a list of conditions that would bar adoption is impossible; each situation is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. However, people with disabilities that require the assistance of a wheelchair, for instance, will not typically be bar from the opportunity to adopt. Alternately, those with life-threatening medical conditions could be denied.

Other issues

Even if a prospective adoptive relative passes all of the above, he or she must still have the financial means to pay for the baby’s food, clothing, shelter, educational expenses and other needs pertinent to the individual.

There are so many factors that are considered before a baby is placed into a loving home. If you are a birth mother and wish to inquire further or have questions relating to your specific circumstance, reaching out to an experienced adoption attorney for answers is encouraged. 

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