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Shared parenting after a divorce

Although many Florida parents who divorce end up in an arrangement where one parent has primary physical custody and the other gets some form of visitation, parents' rights advocates say that pursuing shared parenting may lead to better outcomes. According to a study conducted with 150,000 subjects and later published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, shared parenting has the most beneficial impact on children's health due to the reduced stress it places on kids.

Shared parenting proponents also note that public attitudes are shifting. Surveys in some states revealed that most people hold the opinion that in cases where neither parent is unfit and domestic violence isn't a factor, custody ought to be shared.

Some of the benefits of shared parenting are purely practical. In addition to being associated with a lowered incidence of contentious fights in courts, these arrangements generally have fewer legal costs. In terms of promoting a child's welfare, single parenting may be correlated with higher rates of self-harm, institutionalization, incarceration and behavioral disorders.

No matter what kind of divorce arrangement parents eventually settle on, raising children is a difficult task that requires cooperation. Unfortunately for many of the kids involved, adults aren't always willing or capable of seeing past their own emotional baggage to do what's best for their offspring. Although divorces may not proceed completely smoothly, taking a mature approach to planning may make it easier to provide a more stable environment for children during and after the split. Some people benefit from retaining the services of child custody attorneys who might be able to help them devise a comprehensive plan or serve as intermediaries during difficult negotiations.

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