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Why moms should push for shared parenting

Many Florida mothers consider obtaining sole custody of children to be a primary goal in a divorce. Generally, the courts strongly favor mothers when it comes to awarding custody. However, modern research shows that mothers may want to reconsider their fights for sole custody and think about the advantages of a shared parenting arrangement.

Sole custody enforces antiquated family dynamics, according to some analysts. Mothers remain in the homemaker role and fathers in the breadwinner role. A mother with sole custody must take on all the responsibilities of childcare and housekeeping. Fathers maintain the breadwinner role by providing only money through child support. This often places mothers in a disadvantageous position.

Many moms with sole custody become dependent on child support payments. They are forced to put their careers on hold, which disrupts their future income and personal goals. If child support becomes inconsistent or collection becomes a problem, mothers can become financially strained very quickly. When child support ultimately ends, a mother may end up much worse financially than they would be if allowed to pursue work, education or advancement opportunities.

A shared parenting arrangement alleviates problems for both mothers and fathers, and it helps to break the traditional and outdated model for both genders. Legally, a more involved father will be expected to pay less in child support. A mother will also have more time to devote to her own interests and goals since she can pass on some childcare duties to the father. With help from an attorney, a parent could craft an appropriate child custody agreement.

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