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Divorce rates are higher for certain occupations

People in Florida who are actuaries, scientists, physicians or software developers might be less likely to get a divorce than those who work irregular hours. These were among the findings presented by FlowingData based on data from the American Community Survey in 2015. The data also showed that there was a strong correlation between income and divorce rate.

Flight attendants, casino workers and bartenders were among the occupations that had the highest divorce rates. While the national divorce rate average is just above 35 percent, the rate for gaming managers is higher than 50 percent. For some professions, such as clergy, the divorce rate is considerably lower.

A lower divorce rate is also found among people who work in professions popular in rural areas. This includes people in military careers as well as those who work in fishing, forestry and farming.

In a divorce, the occupations of both spouses may play a part in the final settlement agreement. For example, if one person is in the military, the other may be eligible for certain benefits. If one spouse earns a much higher yearly salary, then they might be required to pay spousal support. This alimony could be limited in duration to either a set time frame or until the ex has finished retraining for a new job. Parents may also need to negotiate visitation agreements that work around their job commitments. A parent who travels a great deal or works an irregular schedule might not be able to assume primary custody.

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