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Are you a birth mother opting for an independent adoption?

A woman who is considering adoption for her unborn baby may have no idea how to begin the search for suitable parents. Working with an adoption agency is one way to approach the dilemma, but there are other options.

If you find yourself in this position, you might consider what is called independent adoption. With this process, many birth mothers feel they have more involvement and more choice as to who the baby's adoptive parents will be.

Looking for a new family

When you are looking for parents to adopt your baby, there are some basic considerations:

  • Environment: Would you rather your child live in the country, the city or the suburbs? Do you want him or her to have siblings or be an only child?
  • Surroundings: You will probably want your child to live in a good school district, and perhaps in a neighborhood where there are other children.
  • Values and beliefs: It may be important to you that the adoptive parents share your values and beliefs and will raise your child accordingly.
  • Lifestyle: You may want to find parents who have a certain kind of lifestyle and enjoy particular hobbies that you would like your child to share.

Deciding on questions to ask

There are so many questions to ask of prospective parents. Some of those might include why the couple has decided to adopt and how open they will be to contact with you as the birth mother. You will want to know if both parents work, and if so, who would care for your baby during the day. As the child grows, you will want to know what he or she could expect a typical day to be like in their household. You will probably also want to know how the subject of adoption will be handled by the new parents when the time comes to provide your child with the facts.

Facilitating the adoption

Keep in mind that you will need an attorney to finalize your adoption legally. As part of their practice, some family law attorneys also facilitate the adoption process, becoming involved before the baby is born. If you choose the path of independent adoption, you may wish to consider contacting a legal firm where you would receive ongoing support to help you find the perfect adoptive parents.

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