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Certain factors may help push couples toward divorce

Couples in Florida and across the United States may wonder if there are certain factors that make them more likely to decide to end their marriages. Celebrity divorces may make headlines, but 22 percent of couples overall see some sort of disruption of their marriage within the first five years.

Within 20 years of marriage, over half of partnerships have been disrupted in some way; these statistics could apply to separation, divorce or widowhood. However, most couples experience marital strain and external pressures on their relationship, whether due to work, family or other life concerns. The ways in which couples deal with problems can make a major difference in whether they choose to end their marriage or are able to reconcile.

One of the most common prompts for divorce is infidelity or cheating. While physical affairs are the most commonly agreed-upon examples of infidelity, emotional affairs can damage a marriage as well. People can connect with a partner online and begin to take attention away from their marriage. It can be very difficult for a couple to come back from infidelity.

Another issue that can be devastating to a relationship is addiction. From the opioid crisis sweeping the United States to alcoholism or even work addictions, a dependency can create immense strains on a marriage that a couple is unable to overcome, especially when the addicted spouse declines to get help. However, many marriages also end for less dramatic or decisive reasons than cheating or drug addiction. Money problems and the stress caused by insufficient finances or simple matters of incompatibility can also drive couples toward divorce without either partner being to blame.

When couples do decide to end their marriage, whether the divorce is amicable or more painful and contested, legal advice can help the process to move more smoothly and efficiently. A family law attorney can provide representation to a spouse dealing with the division of assets and other applicable issues.

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