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Several factors can indicate greater likelihood of divorce

There are a number of factors that can indicate whether a Florida couple is headed for divorce. Every couple is deals with their own situations, so statistical indications may have little value for any individual marriage. However, these risk factors can help highlight situations that may lead to the end of a marriage.

One of the factors that can indicate a higher divorce rate is the ages of the spouses when the marriage begins. Couples who marry as teens or in their mid-thirties or later have a higher divorce rate.

Educational status can also have a reflection on divorce rates. In general, marriages involving partners who did not finish high school are much more likely to end in divorce than those involving college graduates. The reason may be more complex, however: people who do not finish high school tend to have a lower income and face marital woes related to finances.

The way that couples relate to one another can also tend to indicate the likelihood of separation. Behaviors like showing contempt for one's partner can be one of the most damaging signs for the future of a marriage. Another indicative form of communication that can hint at a likelihood of divorce is withdrawing during conflict. When partners shut down and refuse to engage in a conflict, this can also indicate that the marriage is less happy and more vulnerable to divorce.

Of course, any relationship can run into difficulties that may not be reconcilable. Whether a couple feels that they got married too young or wind up fighting all the time in response to workplace pressure or financial problems, divorce can be a difficult and challenging experience. A family law attorney can represent a divorcing spouse during property division negotiations and other issues that come with the end of a marriage.

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