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Situations that might result in a divorce

The decision to get a divorce may be a difficult one for some people in Florida. While it may appear to outsiders that a line has been crossed in a marriage, it may be more difficult for a person in that marriage to make the determination to end it. However, there are circumstances in which a person might decide divorce is necessary, and in fact, their only option.

A person may decide it is no longer possible to stay married to a partner who has a serious problem with addiction. For example, if the spouse is an alcoholic, this may become impossible to live with after he or she is arrested several times for driving under the influence, or when their use of alcohol makes them abusive. Each time, the spouse might promise to go to treatment and may do so several times. However, the change in behavior might only last a few months each time.

A person might also realize that a spouse's verbal and emotional abuse has reached a point that can no longer be endured. In some cases, this may only happen if the spouse turns the emotional abuse toward the couple's child. A child might also be the catalyst for divorcing if a parent realizes the conflict in the marriage is setting a bad example for the child. Parents may want to spare their children the disruption of a divorce, but the atmosphere of constant conflict can in fact be more damaging to the child.

Once a person has made the decision to divorce, there may be a number of issues to work out including division of assets and child custody. While this can be a difficult time emotionally, people should take steps to safeguard themselves financially since divorce often results in a lower standard of living for some people. It might be possible to negotiate property division and custody, perhaps through a collaborative process, although if a spouse is abusive or an addict, litigation might be necessary.

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