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Steps for filing for a divorce

Couples in Florida who want to get a divorce may be uncertain about how to get the process started. While initiating a divorce can be a relatively simple process, filers should keep in mind that legally separating oneself from a spouse is a process that can be complicated.

Even though there are some main steps that will be a part of every divorce, filers should not expect to deal with their unique circumstances. There are many ways a divorce can be filed, with or without legal representation. There are also multiple options when it comes to how to settle the divorce, such as using mediation, litigation or a collaborative divorce process.

The actual filing of a divorce is a step that is common to all divorces. It requires that one party files in writing, using a Petition and Summons, and their spouse is served with court papers advising them of the filing. In many states, people are able to file for divorce without specifying a legal reason why.

Once someone is served with divorce papers, they should file a Dissolution Response and consult with a divorce attorney to explore their options. The attorney may advise them of what to expect in court, what they should do to protect themselves and what documents they should have readily available.

The next main step is negotiation. Both parties will be required to provide all of their financial information, including debts, income and assets. A family law attorney may assist clients with resolving disputes pertaining to legal issues. Litigation may be used to protect a client's rights and interests regarding the division of assets, spousal support, child custody, child support and post-divorce modification.

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