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Studies look at factors that affect divorce rates

People in Florida may be more likely to divorce if they married in their late teens, early twenties or after the age of 32. They may also be more prone to divorcing if they did not finish college or if they spent more than $20,000 on their wedding. These are among the findings of a number of nationwide studies that looked at factors in divorce.

Another factor was alcohol consumption. If couples drink roughly the same amount or if they both do not drink at all, they are more likely to stay married than couples with differing consumption amounts. Attractive couples are more likely to get a divorce. People whose biological parents are divorced have a higher chance of divorce, and this was found to be true even for people who are adopted. Second, third and later marriages are also more vulnerable to divorce than first marriages.

If a couple has a child within seven months of getting married, they are more likely to get a divorce than couples whose child comes after eight months or longer. If the first-born child is a daughter, the couple may also be more likely to get a divorce. Finally, if a woman has been raised in a religious family, she is not as likely to get a divorce as a woman who was not.

Some of these factors may also have bearing on how the divorce goes. For example, older couples or couples with many assets who may have had expensive weddings might also have a prenuptial agreement that specifies how property will be divided in the event of a divorce. A prenuptial agreement does not address child custody, so if there are children, the couple still must negotiate child custody and visitation. If they cannot reach an agreement, it will be necessary to go to court where a judge will decide.

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