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January 2018 Archives

What is the role of a personal representative?

When an individual (a testator) creates a will, there must be a designated person who will be responsible for carrying out the testator's wishes outlined in the will when the testator dies. This individual is called the Personal Representative.  In other states, he or she may be called an executor. 

What to include as part of a parenting plan

Most Florida parents want what is best for their children. This is generally true during a divorce even if the parents don't get along well. When creating a parenting plan, it is important to make sure that each person has a fulfilling relationship with a son or daughter. Children generally need both parents in their lives assuming that they are not neglecting or abusing them..

Negotiating a settlement agreement

Many couples have trouble making settlement agreements when going through a divorce, and mediation may help those in Florida construct an arrangement. A mediator might help a couple negotiate settlement terms with the following factors in mind.

Shared parenting approaches on the rise

While the governor of Florida vetoed a bill the legislature passed in 2016 mandating shared custody as the default in child custody agreements, shared parenting is still on the rise. Other states are considering similar bills, and a meta-analysis found that across 15 studies, children benefit physically, emotionally and behaviorally from shared custody.

Before divorce: tips for preparation

Some Florida couples might start the new year considering divorce. They are not alone, as there seems to be an increase in divorce filings after the holidays. An Independent online poll shows that one in five couples considers divorce after the holidays and a U.S. study of 15 years of data from Washington state reveals that divorce filings increase at the beginning of the year and peak in March.

When holiday lights go out, divorce filings rise

Holiday-themed music and movies might suggest that the magic of the season can solve every problem, but divorce filings reportedly spike soon after each new calendar year begins. January has long been unofficially called "Divorce Month" in Florida and around the country, and it is during this month that the stress of the holidays may push unhappy feelings present in some marital relationships to the breaking point.

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