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Before divorce: tips for preparation

Some Florida couples might start the new year considering divorce. They are not alone, as there seems to be an increase in divorce filings after the holidays. An Independent online poll shows that one in five couples considers divorce after the holidays and a U.S. study of 15 years of data from Washington state reveals that divorce filings increase at the beginning of the year and peak in March.

For couples who find themselves in that situation, preparation before the divorce process might prevent further complications later on. Experts recommend that those preparing to file for divorce take a social media break or carefully monitor what they post and share on social media sites since everything that is posted can be used in the divorce proceedings.

People should also learn about the basics of divorce in their own state so that they can prepare valuable questions related to their case when they first meet with their lawyer. They should also learn about mediation as this is a requirement in all cases, whether the split is amicable or not.

In preparation for the division of assets and for child support issues, a person considering divorce should gather all documents related to the couple's financials before even starting the process. These include end-of-year pay stubs, the previous year's tax return, bank statements, credit card bills and even credit reports on themselves and their spouse. While dealing with the end of the marriage, each person should keep focused on the big picture of their life and figure out what they need to take care of themselves emotionally through this period. Additionally, consulting with a lawyer with family law experience in their state will help the person prepare for filing for divorce.

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