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Negotiating a settlement agreement

Many couples have trouble making settlement agreements when going through a divorce, and mediation may help those in Florida construct an arrangement. A mediator might help a couple negotiate settlement terms with the following factors in mind.

Before distributing finances, one should understand them. This involves considering life after divorce and knowing how much one can give up without facing financial hardship. To get an accurate idea, a spouse could establish a budget and prioritize what they want most in a settlement. A smart approach may involve working with an attorney to secure the most pressing needs and wants while being flexible about other matters.

If there are children involved, each parent should know their rights and responsibilities after a divorce. One may need to figure out custody matters, make a parenting schedule or assign different parental duties. If one parent is the primary physical caregiver, the other parent will most likely need to pay child support.

To expedite the divorce process and save time and money for both parties, each person must compromise, cooperate and think of the other person in addition to their own needs. It is likely that no one will get everything they want, but both people could reach a conclusion that provides benefits to each party when working together.

When going through a divorce, a couple may have disagreements about the proper division of assets. Property acquired before the marriage is typically separate property and not subject to division. However, the distinction between separate and joint property sometimes becomes muddled. For example, a couple might live in a home that one party owned before the marriage. If the other person made house payments or home improvements, he or she may be entitled to a portion of the home's value.

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