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When holiday lights go out, divorce filings rise

Holiday-themed music and movies might suggest that the magic of the season can solve every problem, but divorce filings reportedly spike soon after each new calendar year begins. January has long been unofficially called "Divorce Month" in Florida and around the country, and it is during this month that the stress of the holidays may push unhappy feelings present in some marital relationships to the breaking point.

As a result, some couples may set time aside in January to reevaluate their marriages as they plan for the year ahead. Couples who have been swept up in the fantasy and merriment of the season may find themselves facing a plethora of real-life problems as the holiday tinsel and trappings are swept away. For some couples, the season's belief that their marriage might be saved simply dissipates with the chilly reality of a quiet, back-to-work January day.

According to many legal experts, divorce filings are high in January because people want to avoid ending their marriages during the holidays. Couples who have already been contemplating a divorce may simply delay taking any action. Some who have young children might feel that it is particularly important to remain together as a family until the holiday season has passed. It may simply feel more natural to for couples to move forward with divorce plans when they are thinking about making their New Year's resolutions as January rolls around.

Florida residents who conclude that divorce may be the best option for themselves and their families may find it beneficial to seek advice from an attorney who provides counsel regarding family law issues. In some situations, the attorney may be able to achieve an amicable settlement centered around the needs of the children. When a peaceful resolution is not possible, the attorney could take the matter before a judge.

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