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February 2018 Archives

Federal government looking to take over child support data

Since 1995 when Congress passed the Family Support Act, Florida and all other states have been charged with monitoring child support orders and payment compliance. The budget proposal from the White House could replace the state-level system with one managed by the Department of Health and Human Services. The budget for fiscal year 2019 has requested $63 million for the agency to purchase a federal information technology system to track child support nationwide.

What is the role of a Personal Representative?

When an individual (a testator) creates a will, there must be a designated person who will be responsible for carrying out the testator’s wishes outlined in the will when the testator dies. This individual is called the Personal Representative.  In other states, he or she may be called an executor. 

Divorcing parents can work together to focus on kids

When Florida parents who are unhappy in their relationships consider divorce or the end of a marriage, one of their central concerns is often what may happen to their close, loving relationship with their children. It is a fact of divorce that in most cases, each parent will spend some more time away from their children as a result. Furthermore, there are new challenges and tensions that can come with a co-parenting relationship with one's former spouse.

No paternal rights for sperm donor of same-sex couple's child

Some Florida parents in same-sex relationships might be worried about their rights if a donor was involved in their child's conception. However, in a case in New York, a five-judge panel ruled that a sperm donor had waived his paternity rights to a child born to a lesbian couple.

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