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Divorcing parents can work together to focus on kids

When Florida parents who are unhappy in their relationships consider divorce or the end of a marriage, one of their central concerns is often what may happen to their close, loving relationship with their children. It is a fact of divorce that in most cases, each parent will spend some more time away from their children as a result. Furthermore, there are new challenges and tensions that can come with a co-parenting relationship with one's former spouse.

However, choosing divorce and ending a romantic relationship does not have to mean the end of that daily, close relationship between parent and child. The division of parenting time and responsibilities and the setting of a child custody schedule may be emotionally difficult, but it can also be a positive experience that helps to establish the groundwork for long-term, successful co-parenting. Media depictions of custody issues tend to focus on intense courtroom battles; however, in many cases, divorcing spouses can work together with their lawyers to come to a mutually acceptable agreement about sharing time with their children.

This approach to child custody is designed to put the emphasis on the best interests of the children and their relationships with both parents. It seeks to protect the children from unnecessary exposure and involvement in conflict between their separating parents. The parents should put aside their other issues and focus on developing schedules, guidelines and a parenting plan that meets the needs of their children and family.

Whether a negotiated approach to child custody works for a divorcing couple or whether a lengthier, court-centered process is needed, a family law attorney may be able to help protect a parent's rights to involvement and time with their children. A lawyer might provide counsel and representation for child custody modification and other divorce-related matters.

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